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Subject: Re: Size counts???
Date: Nov 10, 4:26 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 10, 4:26 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>What about a coaxial geometry? Imagine (ignoring the mechanical problems) a long tube about 6-8" in diameter with a mesh tube running down the center. Short ion paths, so high pressure is ok, large fusing volume, etc.


Another great idea. Someone should check it out.

Jim is one of the "brains" of this outfit in addition to being the un-offical condenser/congealer of information. He and a few others have hung in there over the years as regulars and I hope all appreciate their valuable input.

As I have posted here before, I have some pictures of a fusor attempt by the Farnsworth/ITT team of a coaxial device. I also have some closups of the special sausage shaped wire grid they used.

The thing looks like it was assembled in an oil well head!!!!

Most of these tests were non-fusion tests or at least low end tests, according to Gene Meeks. They were checking for the relevance of optical properties of the plasmas to see if they heralded fusion or supplied information about same.

Their conclusion.......... No specific relevance and no reducable data could be garnered. As Gene commented, "They sure were some pretty glows though."

I view mine only as an indicator of smooth operation, cleanliness, and to warn of runaway conditions. The knack of interpretation comes with experience.

Richard Hull