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Subject: Re: Steel Spheres (help!!!). . .
Date: Dec 13, 3:27 pm
Poster: Stephen Coley

On Dec 13, 3:27 pm, Stephen Coley wrote:

My intentions were to bisect the sphere at the equator and polishing the inside surface; I've not seen one of these spheres yet as I happened upon a single sphere from a different source for some current experimenting. My assumption based on what I know of current manufacturing techniques is that there will be a small sharp ridge around the equator on the inside which could easily be polished out through one of the necessary holes that will have to be made for inner grid or viewpoints, etc. All in all with the low cost of the sphere and a little prep work, I'm sure it would leave bucks to spare compared to a custom sphere. I believe I remember Richard had a pair of hemispheres made, I would be curious to know the cost of those. It might make an interesting comparison.

These spheres also come in many sizes making it possible to use them for inner spheres and varying sizes of fusors.

Hope this helps.