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Subject: Re: X-Ray Transformers
Date: Nov 11, 1:13 am
Poster: Dave Cooper

On Nov 11, 1:13 am, Dave Cooper wrote:

>I have recently made a few calls to dentists listed in the yellow pages....

I think you should use the internet... and search under Xray Transformers, high Voltage, Xray power supplies, or X Ray equipment and repairs.

These are the people that will have the hardware. A whole system can sometimes be bought at salvage prices... i.e.: a few cents per pound.

You should be aware of whether PCBs are
involved... not so much because of safety hazard.. there isn't any... (unless you make a steady diet of eating the stuff... ) ,, but because you will have trouble getting rid of oil with PCBs in it. Many $$$ for the HAzMat guy.