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Subject: NeutronDetector Guts
Date: Nov 12, 1:52 am
Poster: Richard Hester

On Nov 12, 1:52 am, Richard Hester wrote:

Has anyone opened up their neutron detector and looked at the guts of the preamp? I'd be interested to know if the BF3/He3 tubes used with these detectors operate in the ionization chamber or proportional counter region,(or geiger?), and what sort of preamp and HV regulator circuits they use. I'm looking into the possibility of using an ionization chamber or proportional counter to use for proton/alpha particle detection, and suspect that the electronics involved might be similar. In my case, I would butt the preamp right up against the back end of the counter tube, with maybe an intervening sheet of lead. This would tend toreduce any cable effects. Apparently, protons kickup as much of a ruckus in a gas as alpha particles, so the counting efficiency should be decent. I'm ordering a few books on the subject of ionization chambers and particle detectors, maybe they will have some more definitive information.
Does anyone have any comments on the books by Rossi/Staub, Price, and Renne?

Richard Hester