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Subject: REF - Fusion Histories
Date: Nov 13, 10:28 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 13, 10:28 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

The following two books are a bit fluffy and singing to the choir in some cases and trying to win public spirited converts in others.

In spite of this they are rather good histories of the hot fusion effort from its inception up to the books publishing date.

The first:

Fusion - The Search for Endless Energy
by Robin Herman, 1990

This is a good modern history done by an Ex-Princeton Graduate Ex- New York Time reporter.
She follows the human side well and gets the basic data correct. A more humanistic look at the effort.

The second:

"Fusion - Science Politics and the invention of a new energy souce", by Joan Lisa Bromberg, 1982

Bromberg was the head of the Laser History Project sponsored by the American Physical Society.

This was written under contract for the U.S. Dept. of Energy. at the request of our own Robert Hirsch who was a super big wig at the time of the commision. It is very detailed and covers the ground well. It includes times when the fusion groups candidly look at themselves and the politics involved. The best history done yet, even if dated. Hirsch comes out of this looking real good. A must read.

Richard Hull