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Subject: Re: Steel Spheres (help!!!). . .
Date: Dec 14, 12:55 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Dec 14, 12:55 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

I am currently assembling and machining my 316L stainless spherical chamber. I had my 6" hemispheres made up custom for me by Maryland Metal Spinning. (410) 466-6400

I paid $45.00 per half sphere made by drawing process and they were nice! They are usually drawn when 90 mil thick like I requested.

By getting the hemispheres, I can work them and polish them inside and out prior to assembly.

The Mc Master-Carr spheres are floats and if ordered, you should go for the ones which can withstand the greatest pressure. (thickest)

I have already TIG welded most of the flanges and gas ports on my system and am waiting to machine the belly bands for vacuum sealing rings.

Richard Hull