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Subject: Stripping
Date: Nov 15, 3:20 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 15, 3:20 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

I just got notified via E-mail by the Mad Scientist network site that they have handed my questions regarding stripping off you yet a third nuclear physicists!

It will be remembered that I asked this question of them a year ago and after an initial assignment they dropped the ball. This year they are following up, but still with no answers. It appears there may be no hard and fast answer or the question, as posed by me, is too pointed and specific and no one what his neck out on the block on the issue.

Most of the references including the fusion histories make hand waving references to the issue but avoid specifics. I am sure there is some egghead out there who is a virtual world class repositiory of data and campfire stories regarding neutron stripping issues.

Will he please stand up!

Richard Hull