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Subject: Re: Stripping - the answer???
Date: Nov 17, 10:03 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 17, 10:03 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>So... the bottom line seems to be... if you have 14MEV neutrons, you have a D-D fusion process. Neutrons in general are not conclusive.


Neutrons are conclusive evidence of nuclear processes going on in our fusors.

Neutrons should still signify fusion even at our low energy! Photoneutrons via stripping as mentioned in the answer require gamma rays of relatively high energy. (Common in fission reactions) We are not producing gamma rays in our system at all. I have never detected any and have tried.

Remember, our answer came from a fission guy.

We must, it appears still be forced to live with the retort "oh you are just stripping neutrons", for the moment. The great thing is the bastards who shout this at us can't give specifics for stripping conditions in collisional systems anymore than we can vend off the criticism with specifics on nuclear ash or purchase a $100,000 neutron spectrometer to detect, NOT 14mev neuts, but 2.45mev neuts. The guy forgot we were doing d-d!!!! Remember, d-d produces only a 2.45mev neutron. The d-t reaction cranks out the moster.
(see the Data reference recently on reactions)

As always, in GOOD science, the burden of proof is on us to show fusion, as we are claiming it. The naysayers have the easy job of objecting as it involves DOING NOTHING. That is why the naysayers rule and are so numerous and ready to object.

It is terrible to struggle and work hard at something and have "do nothings" throw up objections, but that is how it has always been and the burden is upon us. One nice thing in our favor is the well defined cross sectional curves for d-d fusion and we are on the rising slopes with our fusors, so scientifically, we are backed up by hard data collected by empirical measurments for real fusion! The naysayers cannot give specifics on stripping. Just handwaving mention of it in vague one or two sentence texts.

You can rest assured you are doing fusion when using a fusor. Some of the neuts may or may not be stripped, but absolutely not all. So you are doing fusion period. It may yet turnout that we are indeed incapable of stripping at our low energies. This would make 100% of the neuts fusion neuts.

A good neutron detector will signal the beginning of a nuclear processes in the fusor regardless of its nature.

Meanwhile let's all keep our eyes peeled for solid and definitive references on stripping.

Richard Hull