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Subject: 34KV Power Supply Help
Date: Nov 19, 5:26 pm
Poster: Chris Brick

On Nov 19, 5:26 pm, Chris Brick wrote:

I have the found a source for some Kaiser Systems Inc. cap charging power supplies rated at 34KV @ 120ma. They are 220V units and there are 20+ to be had. They were part of a laser system built in the early 90s.

The problem I have is that they have an interface port with hooks into all sorts of sensors and switches throughout the laser. If anyone has any experience with Kaiser Systems interface configurations, specs, documentation, or ideas about reverse engineering the interface, it would be greatly appreciated.

From their website (http://www.kaisersystems.com), they have off the shelf power supplies that are almost identical to these units. They seem to be very well built with a lot of nice protection features.

If I can get the unit I have sitting on the bench to run, I can get the rest of them for $100.00 each and will be very willing to sell them at my cost plus shipping. I am still working on Tesla systems as I haven't moved into the fusion field (yet).

Thank you for your time. Hopefully I haven't offended anyone with this request.

Chris Brick