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Date: Nov 21, 12:49 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 21, 12:49 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


Please read and heed the following advice.

You must bookmark the Perfessers site now! (see the recent "URL- perfesser's webite" post)

Most of you have this already as a new fusion resource. You should also bookmark my website.

The reason for this is that the perfesser has sold his interest in songs.com. He is no longer in control of this site! It is coasting along, hidden in the songs.com server drives. The new owners could wipe it out at any moment as it doesn't specifically relate to their business. We are not really expecting this to happen, but be prepared. Should you be unable to reach this page and get the infamous "server not found" or "page not found" message, check out the perfesser's site or mine and pick up the new pointer to the continuing fusion discussion. It is hoped to transition to the new site and setup well before the plug is pulled on songs.com. (which could be in days or years depending on how soon they do a complete search of their assets) This fusion BBS site we now use is all text and takes up about .00000000005% of their space, but you never know.........

The "perfesser" (Paul Schatzkin) has recovered all the files and will be building a new site for this effort on his own personal site with more bells and whistles, more searchability, and lots of hardware and reference related clickables associated with this effort in the near future.

It should look and feel similar to this BBS, but be more functional and highly improved.

Paul visited me over last weekend and we spent many hours discussing the future of the fusor and fusion effort on line. He is absolutely and totally committed to this effort. We also talked hardware and he taped interviews with me regarding my feelings regarding the fusion effort and its future. He also saw a full fusion demo of the fusor III. ( I remembered the main D2 valve this time!)

Paul is a real good and easy going guy and has all of our interests in fusion at heart and has been a long time follower of the Farnsworth effort. He is interested in perhaps doing some hardware work in the future too! He admits to not having a vast background in the technical end, but I told him if I can do it, anyone can do it.

I took a photo of him at the lab and will place it in the fusion section of my website along with photos of myself and others to attach a face to the names seen frequently in this effort. I hope to have these photos up by 11/23/00

No need to panic, just be advised and stand ready incase this thing blinks off. Again, this current site might churn on forward long after we move to the new site if going undetected or un-molested. It will not just die, that is promised!!!

When the move is ready, the perfesser surely will post a message here about the new discussion location.

Richard Hull