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Subject: Not to Worry
Date: Nov 22, 9:30 am
Poster: The Perfesser

On Nov 22, 9:30 am, The Perfesser wrote:

Richard is right, I HAVE sold my interest in Songs.com, and, more importantly, was "laid off" by the new owners last month. But I am in almost daily contact with the remaining Songs.com staff, and am not overly concerned that this site will vanish without any notice.

In the meantime, I do have a file that contains the contents of all these messages, and will make whatever other arrangements are necessary to retrieve all this data before there is any danger of this site going suddenly bye-bye.

However, I do suggest you bookmark Richard's site, as well as the interim "weblog" that I've established, http://fusor.blogspot.com.

For the next couple of weeks, I'll be researching a couple of "community building" web resources, notably eGroups.com and bondware.com (in case anybody cares to look 'em over) while I figure out the best combination of services and resources for the development of "fusor.org", which will be the ultimate embodiment of all this dialog on the web.

I have a couple of other things up my sleeve, will advise as I can.

I had a marvelous visit with Richard Hull over this past weekend. I can't tell you all how exciting and gratifying to see, in actual operation, a device which has been little more than a myth to me for the past 25 years. Now we turn our attention to making it a reality for the rest of the world.

More to come... Thanks, Richard.