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Subject: Pardon the spelling errors
Date: Nov 28, 3:09 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 28, 3:09 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


I have to apologize for my many spelling and seeming grammatical errors in all my posts.

I usually blast them out at light speed and rarely check them over thoroughly. I assure you that I do know that the sentence fragment "due to his modesty.." should not read "do to his modesty..", etc.

I have a college education, but sometimes you might not imagine it to be so. I am somewhat dsylexic, type fast, but much slower than I think during composition, and when proof reading cannot see major errors.

Consequently, I have supplied a lot of you with an impression of some small ignorance on my part when actually it is all of the above coupled with more than a little laziness and cavalier attitude about precise implimentation of the written word which is at fault.

Fortunately, I speak better than I write.

So......please forgive and persevere in wading through the material I post. Most of the old hands on this list have learned to overlook such errors and chuckle. Consider it hidden humor in my posts. If nothng else, you can gain some self-satifaction that you would never have made such a foolish error in your posts.

Thanks for all your kind words privately and openly on this list about my willingness to assist with the fusion or fusor effort.

Richard Hull