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Subject: Free access to online physics journal pdf's
Date: Nov 30, 9:49 am
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Nov 30, 9:49 am, Scott Stephens wrote:

I found this on the Tesla Coilers' list:

Original poster: "B2"

Hi All,
I have recently discovered that the Journal of Physics D is online available for free download until December 22 at this site:


Go to the pink box on the far right and click on "Free access is just a click away". There is a short form to fill out. Registration gives
temporary access to all journals. I found out that they have a 1000 file per hour download limit with a one hour reset, though:))...

Yes! 8^) but only until Dec 22. If you get your library to subscribe, loan me your password 8^)
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