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Subject: Registration Probs with New Site
Date: Dec 02, 9:18 am
Poster: The Perfesser

On Dec 02, 9:18 am, The Perfesser wrote:

>I keep getting this registration razzamataz, too....

What browser are you using?

It saddens me to report, I think the problem is not with the site (per-se) but with Netscape. Personally, I have not had any problems using MS Internet Explorer.

Conversely, I HAVE been having problems with Netscape accessing other sites in the recent past. So much so that I recently (and reluctantly) changed my default browser from NS to MSIE - and have had no problems since.

So, if you can, try that... if you can't, please e-mail directly (perfesser4@home.com). I can then send you a direct invitation to join, which will have a URL link that should get around whatever direct-access probs people are encountering with the registration process.

Please be patient, this is new, we'll get it all ironed out in the next day or two.