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Subject: ZPE
Date: Dec 03, 8:15 pm
Poster: Timothy Scott

On Dec 03, 8:15 pm, Timothy Scott wrote:

First of all, "solid matter" isn't so solid. The space between the "electron cloud" and the nucleus has been compared to the distance between Pluto and the Sun, but on a much smaller scale. Therefore, "solid matter" is mostly space. And that which is "solid matter" is just complex vibrations of ZPE held together by the universal ZPE field. And as such, most ZPE that encounters matter will pass right through it, without ever interacting with a single particle. However; the very insignificant amount of ZPE that does contact it is more than enough to hold the atoms and molecues together. It holds people to the ground, planets together, and creates Kepler's laws of interplanetary motion.

I want you to imagine that you're at the bottom of the ocean. Unimaginable pressure is coming at you from all directions, except from below you. Now imagine that the entire Universe is filled with this ocean, and that the pressure is pushing you against the Earth. There is tremendous pressure all around you. HOWEVER, there is less pressure coming through the Earth and up to the bottom of your feet than there is coming down on you
directly. This creates a negative net force that pushes you down.

Zero Point Energy is just like that. Very few percent of ZPE radiation hits a given particle. However, the Earth is a gigantic collection of particles, and a lot more ZPE radiates from above, than makes it through the unbelievable maze of ZPE absorbing particles below.

There is a pressure differential and thus, you have