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Subject: Jarmusch Patent #5,825,836
Date: Dec 15, 10:28 am
Poster: Stephen Coley

On Dec 15, 10:28 am, Stephen Coley wrote:

Looks like Mr. Jarmusch patent device is not a "fusor" but a multiple particle beam accelerator. The description is of a device that simply shoots the ions together and settles for whatever energy it can draw off. The two most notable things about the patent I can see are that he has figured "approximately" the optimum angle for the four beams to intesect in such a way that their natural repulsion will force them together and he suggests pulsing the beams to allow the pumps time to scavenge the system. He offers no option of drawing off the resulting energy other than to heat water even though he suggests using D/B as one possible fuel. Obviously a "thought" patent.

See the patent at:

I wonder how this might tie up advanced ion gun fusor work?