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Subject: Re: Registration Code - Grrrr = clique?
Date: Dec 06, 9:22 am
Poster: The Perfesser

On Dec 06, 9:22 am, The Perfesser wrote:

>It is clear that the new, unknown *registration* to the new post is intentional.

No, not really. It was actually an unforeseen consequence of this particular choice.

>The message is clear: the *clique* is wanting out, and they are trying to quietly move.

"clique"? There's a "clique" here? I don't think so, and certainly, the choice of the Intranets venue was not intended create such an impression. And we're surely not trying to "quietly move." We've been as vocal about it as possible.

It's a little unsettling, actually, that the intent to create an "open source" is already creating some dissent. Hell, maybe that's a good thing; if opposing view points had been accomodated within the science establshment, we might all have fusion powered cars by now.

So, let us resolve now that there will be no "cliques", and that all points of view will be accomodated in this "open source" environment. The effort is greatly diminished with anything less than an inclusive dialog.

NO ONE will be denied "membership" in the new site. If the Intranets site does not serve our purpose, we'll move it. I'd just like to get everybody in one place while the cloud of dismantlement hovers over this old location.

See subsequent post re: 'cloud of dismantlement' and Gaylord Digital (owner of Songs.com).