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Subject: New Farnsworth admirer
Date: Jan 27, 6:00 pm
Poster: Toby A Miller

On Jan 27, 6:00 pm, Toby A Miller wrote:

Greetings to all from a new admirer. I am writting after getting very excited over Brett Pool's web page & links. I was searching for tesla coil information when I found the research on Dr. Farnsworth's fusion discoveries. I am an american electrical engineer working and living in France for the past three years. I am working as a system engineer in the power industry at present. However, I have always felt more like a scientist than an engineer. I have some research experience from colledge and worked as a research assistant building various research apparatus for three years. I have been trying to decide how to make a major career change to get out of the power industry into...something...closer to science, preferable research & development. I'm even considering returning to school to get a masters or PhD in Physics. My deep interests lye in high voltage phenomena and especially their effects in vacuum...plasma, electron guns, etc. .....

I'm writting all of this because I suppose that some of you are somehow attatched to the scientific community, either as professors or industrial reseachers. I wonder if any of you might have some advice as to what would be the best route to follow, wheather in education or in industry or some combination of the two, to get involved professionally in subjects as exciting as the work done on Farnsworth's fusion apparatus.

I appretiate your time to read my email and hope to hear some encouraging words. Thankyou very much and please feel free to respond to me directly at my email address: tamiller69@hotmail.com


Toby Miller
Technical Director
Basler Electric, Wasselonne