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Subject: My first Fusor works!
Date: Jan 17, 11:49 pm
Poster: Marcus Kolb

On Jan 17, 11:49 pm, Marcus Kolb wrote:

Thanks to Richard Hull's and other descriptions, I have built my first fusor, and it works! I'm only playing with air in the chamber for now, but it is so amazing I want to keep going untill I reach fusion. I built a chamber similar to Joshua Resnick (http://fus.x0r.com/) with a 6" x 3/4" pyrex view port. I was surprised how easily everything sealed up. I used Viton O-rings for the chamber cylinder and view port. I go from ATM to 10 microns in about 5 mins using a 150 lpm two stage pump. To make the grids I charged a huge cap up to about 45 VDC and dischaged it using a really big (50A?) SCR. It works great as long as you use aluminum rods and really clamp the wires together.
Now how do I get the infamous star mode going?