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Subject: Re: Steel Spheres
Date: Jan 23, 11:51 pm

On Jan 23, 11:51 pm, J R GRUSZECKI wrote:

>The sphere is going to go inside my current chamber and will not need to withstand any pressure. However, do you think it would still be wise to get the thicker one to help protect my chamber from electron beams?
>No. I would think a very thin sphere would be adequate unless you are really planning on using over a 1000 watts of input power.
>The ITT team were always burning through their outer, spherical, stainless, vacuum vessels with ion beams and electron beams. They used 60 mil thick vessels, but would often feed in 6000 or more watts!

>Richard Hull


Try a disintegrated Pfieffer turbo pump.

The 500ls-1 has a central 200mm id sphere ,an

ISO160 port.These are dumped when the vanes

disintegrate(it is a major evening's work to

extract the debris,but well worth the hassle).

With Teflon washer seals through the old bearing

blocks ,an acetone wipe down(and hot air dry!) I

acheived a leak/degas rate of 0.8 microns/minute

in a 5l volume.All beware not to use LYE/NaOH

to dissolve the impacted,mangled rotor and stator

vanes(Al),as the end blocks assembly are a

Ni plated brass/Al .

Together with a KF outlet manifold ,perfection

does indeed exist in this world.

>j r gruszecki