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Subject: Copper spheres as vacuum vessels, anodes
Date: Jan 24, 5:58 pm
Poster: Gerald Morris

On Jan 24, 5:58 pm, Gerald Morris wrote:

I have taken apart an old dewar composed of 2 concentric copper spheres, vacuum insulated between them. Since this 30+ yr. old relic still was at partial vacuum when desoldering the outer hemispheres, I deem it reasonable to suppose it is structurally adequate as a vac vessel. I intend to braze them back together and to braze on a couple flanges for vacuum and an observation port. My concern is the same as Joshua's regarding the electron beam. It would be a pity not to use these lovely things, the optics are already near perfect, for obvious thermal reasons. Any thoughts on this?

Also, I am fashioning a new cathode for my bell-jar rig. I think I found a superior approach to fabricating individual hoops of wire and attempting to join them. Will keep y'all posted on both.