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Subject: Re: My first Fusor works!
Date: Jan 24, 6:07 pm
Poster: Gerald Morris

On Jan 24, 6:07 pm, Gerald Morris wrote:

It works great as long as you use aluminum rods and really clamp the wires together.
>>Now how do I get the infamous star mode going?

I might add that good electron optics, ie a well shaped and centered cathode will make a considerable difference. I have been regularly getting a fuzzy star mode since mid-December and expect much improvement with my new cathode and power supply, (a 60 kV Sorenson 1061) Richard's advice is invaluable, especially w.r.t. photographing a dubious star mode. My camcorder just doesn't do it justice. Am currently finishing an html version of my mid-year tech report. There exists a pdf version already if you are equiped to peruse it.

Warm regards to all,
Gerald Morris