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Subject: Re: FusionStar Neutron Generator
Date: Jan 28, 12:24 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 28, 12:24 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>My guess is thin zirconia ceramic "washers" with a sputtered conductive coating on the inside. Of course, the coating wouldn't have to be very conductive at many KV. Even some graphite powder would work as far as conduction goes. However, graphite wouldn't do much for photoelectric contribution.

>Has anyone else tried anything like this or casting a grid?


That is a good guess on their construction technique. However all inner grids conductive more or less, slowly erode away by deposition!
The thin conductive coating on a ceramic conductive layered grid would erode away very fast, especially at the very high voltages and currents found wih a neutron producing fusor.

The washer construction technique was what I was discussing here earlier, but with metal grids punched or etched from sheet metal.

Good luck with your castable mica idea. You should try it and let us know how it works out for you. Note that Alumina is the number one refractory and ultra non-conductive ceramic. All others conduct to some tiny degree, but not enough to support fusion currents. I picked up some the castable alumina and alumina tubing from McMaster last year. I use the alumina tubing as HV insulators for my inner grid support stalk.

Richard Hull