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Subject: 100 mge hv resistors
Date: Feb 03, 08:41 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 03, 08:41 am, Richard Hull wrote:


I found a temporary source for superb 100 meg 2.6 watt hv resistors which are very low priced. These are nice ceramic bodied, 2.5 inches long and rated for over 15kv each. I purchased 5 of them, and they are brand new, not surplus items. (Probably new "old stock").

Also offered are 10,000 volt @0.1 amp bridge rectifiers which is a nice big four terminal brick. These would be great for demo fusors.

This stuff is availabel from Hosfelt Electronics. (catalog available) Their "order only" phone number is:

800 524-6464

the resistor is part # 47-165 $2.49 each
the bridge is part # 48-149 $3.95 each

They also have nice digital led panel meters and other HV capacitors, etc.

Richard Hull