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Subject: Re: Rudimentary attempt
Date: Feb 05, 01:28 am
Poster: Scott Little

On Feb 05, 01:28 am, Scott Little wrote:

Richard wrote:

>Fusion onset will result in a very hot inner grid. Soft solder (~500F) and even silver solder (1000F) will not be adequate for grid construction.

OK, welded stainless it is.

>I would say that for amateur construction, with modest materials and voltages, the best chamber size is in the 6"-10" outer grid diamter range.
I'm seriously considering going to a 6" Conflat cross that I have....that would permit about a 4" dia outer sphere. It's either that or get a bell jar, I think.

>This allows good high voltges to be reached with little flashover problem, decent gas loads (at voltage), and good, short mean free paths for the deuterons at amateur vacuum levels.(just sub-micron).

Why do you say, "good SHORT mean free paths"? Aren't we looking for free paths about as long as the diameter so the ions can fly all the way from the OD to the center without collisions?

hmmmm, in the patents I see a lot of stuff in about virtual electrodes that get much closer to the center...it that part of it?

Richard, have you written a Fusor construction tutorial yet?