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Subject: Re: FusionStar Neutron Generator
Date: Feb 13, 07:47 am
Poster: Bruce A. Perreault

On Feb 13, 07:47 am, Bruce A. Perreault wrote:

To all concerned,

This is an example of why "free energy" inventors end up discouraged and take secrets to their grave! Corporations steal dreams. Calvin and I discovered "Star-mode" via specially coated electrodes. This has been fully documented on the internet and at public conferences last year. Please stand behind us and write to the Patent Office telling them who invented the Star-mode. Now you can begin to understand what we have been facing.

-Bruce A. Perreault

>Has everyone seen the cathode grid picture from the DaimlerChrysler Aerospace device?
>My guess is thin zirconia ceramic "washers" with a sputtered conductive coating on the inside. Of course, the coating wouldn't have to be very conductive at many KV. Even some graphite powder would work as far as conduction goes. However, graphite wouldn't do much for photoelectric contribution.
>I have some mica ceramic room temp. cure adhesive on the way from McMaster-Carr. It's good up to 2300 degrees. I'm thinking I can create a very uniform grid by moulding washers, then cutting them before they set up. I'll let you all know how it works out.
>Has anyone else tried anything like this or casting a grid?