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Subject: FusionStar
Date: Feb 13, 08:04 am
Poster: Bruce A. Perreault

On Feb 13, 08:04 am, Bruce A. Perreault wrote:

Re: http://www.dasa.com/dasa/index_e.htm?/dasa/e/ri/trauen/fusion/fusion.htm

This is an example of why private researchers in the energy field end up discouraged and take secrets to their grave! Corporations steal dreams. Calvin and I discovered "Star-mode" via specially coated electrodes. This has been fully documented on the internet and at public conferences last year. Please stand behind us and write to the Patent Office telling them who invented the Star-mode. Now you can begin to understand what we have been facing. Documention is available that proves what I am saying is true.

-Bruce A. Perreault