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Subject: Re: Something is wrong with Fusor page?
Date: Feb 18, 08:29 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 18, 08:29 am, Richard Hull wrote:

Interesting. I have just recently (week or so) had my old bookmark no longer function which used to take me directly to the fusion BBS. It has worked for a full year. Now it just returns jibberish about not finding the URL. I must now use the bookmark for the fusion site and then scroll down to the BBS hot key in order to reach this list. Saving a new bookmark for this list will not work either.

Someone at the head end of either the recieve or send end of this thing has been dinkin' around and the sand is shifting under our feet.

Richard Hull

>While trying to interest several others in this topic, I tired downloading the Fusor page using Netscape 4.04. I can't get the pictures. Anyone else have this problem? All I get are advertisements.