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Subject: Re: FusionStar
Date: Feb 18, 10:58 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 18, 10:58 am, Richard Hull wrote:


I was not posting my reponse directly to you or as a rebuttal or criticism. I am sorry and apologize if some injury or confutation was perceived. My posting was purely informational in nature, noting the rediscovery and associated confusion by a number of folks regarding the "star". I have a good handle on the history of this effort now thanks to a lot of expensive and time consuming research over the last year and a half. So much has been gotten wrong and interpreted so badly for so long, that I don't want this Farnsworth fusor thing to become another Tesla debacle with folks throwing out wild claims when the truth is right there. So I sort of give on going history lessons on the fusor and related minutia.
Your efforts look intersting and I wish you good luck with them.

Again, anyone who has my fusor video has my permission to publicly demo or show it in any manner whatsoever provided a simple credit is given to my effort as in Bruce's case. Needless to say, I would not appreciate copies of it being redistributed as what little I make on it are pushed back into my own fusor experiments in the form of buying stuff I need to keep the effort going.

Finally, Bruce is indeed correct.............
The patent system is just a way for the big boys to hold what the have and a way of keeping lawyers and patent attorneys in ready cash as the titans clash in interference and infringement litigations. The small guy (individual patentor) is just so much chum to be ground up and fed to the fish who are always ready for fresh meat and new ideas to chew on.

They have guys constantly reading new patents and engineers dedicated not to discovery, but finding work arounds on novel ideas so that they might either file a specific patent based on their own rendition of the original idea, or barring that, box it in with numerous patents designed to keep the patent holder from marketing the device in a number of applications without paying them royalties. The idea being that once boxed in they can scoop up the patent for chicken feed as its value is now limited.

These practices are so prevalent, that I am forced to look at all small invention patentors as lambs being led to the slaughter!!! They just don't understand that times and the world has changed against them forever.

Richard Hull

>I am not claiming to have discovered "Star-mode."
>In fact, it was after viewing your video that I
>realized we had achieved what you called "Star-mode" without the grids and associated "bugle" losses.
>Please visit,
>I showed a segment of your video proving that we could achieve "Star-mode" in air. Please note that I gave full credit to you while showing that segment.
>I also feel that patents are only good for the big Corperations. This is why I make public posts and do public demonstrations from time to time.
> -Bruce A. Perreault