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Subject: Re: There be neutrons!
Date: Feb 23, 3:03 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 23, 3:03 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


Thanks for the kind words and congrats. Yes! I plan a second 2 hour long video (soon, I hope). I want to get a little more nuetron time with this system first though. The next video will deal with neutron specific fusor construction, including neut counting tips, etc. I will announce it when it is ready.

Richard Hull
>I am still amazed that your vacuum system held to 3 microns or so for 4 days after being valved off but the neutron generation is really great news!
>Hopefully there will be details forthcoming somewhere (vido tape maybe?) regarding your power supply, counting techniques, etc. etc. Soon you will be able to activate some elements for gamma ray spectroscopy!!!
>Ely Silk