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Subject: Re: There be neutrons!
Date: Feb 24, 00:57 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 24, 00:57 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Congratulations, Richard!
>Ever onward. Speaking of which, whats next?
Fusor IV of course!!! RH
>You pointed out that the design limits for your current machine are in the 25KV range. Is this an issue of power supply, chamber, or something else?


Super good question! It is the insulator and relative dimensions based on a design vacuum level of about .1 micron as the deepest planned on this device. Naturally it is begging to be pushed beyond any design limit I have set! I will certainly be pressin' the peddle to th' metal. My motto is "if it's under 100amps, its leakage current".

Fusor III is still young and the experimental possibilities haven't been even slightly explored yet. I won't throw out the baby with the wash water. I give it another 8 months before Fusor IV is in progress. (I already have the 10" 304/308 custom spun .090 walled hemispheres in my possession) RH
>In other posts you have indicated that higher potentials, current, and vacumms are required to proceed down the fusion path. What might your next design levels be?

Also, already cogitated on.....Fusor IV will be a 10" spherical unit with UHV capabilities (better than 10E-6 Torr) Gee, I will hate losing that word micron!!!,..... and a power supply of up to 100KV at 30MA (already in the works) RH
>Last but not least, where is the logical end for the not quite amateur such as yourself?

The logical end is death for us all! I could not resist that one. Sorry.

I might seem not so amateur because I have the verve to do and am driven by the "hands-on imperative". Most folks in today's world seem content to poke at the keyboard lost in fanciful spice models or wish to start at the 10 million plus funding level to do anything "really meaningful."

There are more bold amateurs about than you might realize and fewer wise professionals too. I feel science is slowly becoming dehumanized and loosing its contact with that element which spawned it. That is, the wonder of things and the open, unrewarded search for answers. (see my old post here on Gentleman scientists) I may be just an old renaissance man trapped in a world all in a rush to get somewhere....destination unknown and maybe unknowable.

Finally, I will find out what the limits of myself and the fusor system are as a result of my efforts, free from pontificating dweebs, bean counters, and flatulent, dispeptic, self agrandizing, acedemicans.

Most of all, I am free, having a blast, answering to no one, endangering no one,
and learning new skills while absorbing knowledge and educating a few interested parties (sharing gained knowldge). All of this in an area that is a relatively arcane backwater of fusion physics.

Quixotic? Maybe, but it keeps me off the streets.

>Once again, Congratulations.



Thanks for the congrats.....

Thanks also for your thoughful and meaningful questions. I hope I have answered most of them to your satisfaction.

Richard Hull