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Subject: Amateur Science Was: There be neutrons!
Date: Feb 24, 10:35 pm
Poster: Douglas R. Fix

On Feb 24, 10:35 pm, Douglas R. Fix wrote:


I'm not so sure that my questions are particularly meaningful, but I try to be thoughtful.

I understand a little bit about motivated amateurs and gentleman scientists. Back in my high school days (late 60s), a good friend of mine and I constructed an HeNe laser as a science project (it worked reasonably well). I found the most interesting parts to be learning how difficult it is to sustain a decent vacumm, how to manage interesting electrical potentials (neon sign transformer), dealing with toxic chemicals (mercury vapor vacumm pump, gasp!), and how to scrounge support, and materials from folks who had better things to do with their time and money.

I wish you luck. Perhaps I will join the fray once more when I find(?) more than a few spare moments.