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Subject: Re: Pulsed mode
Date: Feb 26, 1:59 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 26, 1:59 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Well, not exactly. Referring to "HIGH-POWER ELECTRONICS" by Sarjeant and Dollinger (Chapter nine dealing with Transformer Insulation in high-voltage air core pulse transformers) it appears that if the high-voltage pulses are short (say 1 microsecond or less) and if there is an adequate time between pulses so that discharge paths have a chance to dissipate, one can greatly exceed the electric strength of materials. A short enough pulse will allow perhaps twice (or more) the normal DC voltage to be applied.

That would be fine, but to really get the neutron flux over time we would need about a 400hz pusle rate with medium energy capacitor like .05ufd. (Demands a very stiff or low impedance supply) This would preserve the grid and be a vast improvement over a few massive pulses per second. Also, it would be real tough to keep the pulse under even 5 microseconds, even with the capacitor virtually at the electrodes. It is really a complex issue and I have thought long and hard on this and find the insulation needs to be plus ultra in my preferred mode of operation.

Richard Hull