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Subject: Re: Neuts!!... 10E4/sec of 'em!
Date: Mar 01, 12:00 pm
Poster: Richaard Hull

On Mar 01, 12:00 pm, Richaard Hull wrote:

>>However, the power voltage control is touchy as there is little gieger region or geiger plateau in the non-optimum design of the fusor. I found 20 volts one way or the other went from silence, (no counts) to avalache (oscillation/roar)
>Very clever!
>You might have some luck running the unit in the proportional region. If so, you could identify the isotope(s)you may have produced by looking at the wavefomr in the appropriate gamma, beta, or alpha catalog!!!


I thought of this too, but it would require a little boning up on the matter to put to the test.

Very clever of you to independently think of this also.

I will again note that the fusor chamber electrode structure (inner grid) is not an ideal geiger or proportional counter electrode, but will do for crude geiger work.

The next obvious thought is to add, as an appendage to the system chamber, a small ideal geiger tube body with slender wire probe electrode and let it share the chamber gas. This was another idea I have already thought of and might move on, if not on fusor III, then definitely it is on the design board for Fusor IV. Naturally, it couldn't sniff for tritium while the fusor is fusing, but could be energized immediately upon shut down and would save the hassle of re-configuring the fusor to be a counter.

Thanks for the comments Ely.

Richard Hull