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Subject: Re: Tritium measurement
Date: Mar 01, 4:53 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Mar 01, 4:53 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

I love it! If you can start getting to the 10E7 range (with a flux of 10E5 n/cm^2/sec) you will be flying!
>Meanwhile, I am waiting for my base plate so I can make Fusor #1. This is ridiculous.
>Ely Silk

I hope to get to those numbers one day, but it will be a bit scarey and potentially dangerous at those levels, especially those flux levels, but as you say, it is sort of a goal that must be hit if much useful stuff is to be done with the output.

I hope your base comes soon. Waiting is always exasperating. However, it could be a time to go over the design many more times and improve it before you carve the thing in stone. (or metal as the case may be.)

Richard Hull