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Subject: Korff References
Date: Mar 12, 6:35 pm
Poster: Richaard Hull

On Mar 12, 6:35 pm, Richaard Hull wrote:

Those interested in obtaining the Geiger counter reference mentioned earlier can ask for DTIC Defense Technical Information Center document #AD708922 "Geiger counters theory, operation and Manufacture" by Serge A Korff. It was prepared for the office of civil defense under work unit # 2131I under contract # DAHC20-68-C-0137 released April 1970. I have an old phone number for DTIC from the documnet of (703) 274-7633.

Another formal text book which is very well respected is the book "Electron and Nuclear Physics" by Hoag and Korff D. Van Nostrand publisher third edition, 1949.

Korff was a Phd pofessor of physics at the New York School of Engineering.

God stuff for hungry minds written with the experimenter in mind.

Richard Hull