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Subject: Correction!.. opps! and HOORAY!
Date: Mar 16, 10:55 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Mar 16, 10:55 am, Richard Hull wrote:


Thanks to Scott's post and a visit to his web site, I was forced to re-evaluate some of my data especially as regards my BC-720 detector. I was shocked to note he used .6% as his efficiency for the BC-720!...........I have always used 1%!

The error was mine which means, OOOPS! (face red)

This means all my neutron numbers are almost double what I thought!!! HOORAY!!! (face beaming)


I have assumed the point on the efficiency graph (1%) of about 4MEV for neutron energy. This is wrong. I have carried this error along for all these months. D-D fusion is charaterized by a neutron of just over 2MEV! Not 4MEV! STUPID...STUPID.

Thus, the BC-720's efficiency is lower, or ~0.6%. This alters my equations for total neutron numbers accordingly upwards.

Therefore, I have been getting almost 10E4 neuts/sec or exceeding that number all along even in the worst runs.

Sorry about the error, but we are all still crawling around in the goo together. Together, we might make it up topside OK.

Richard Hull