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Subject: Re: First neutrons!
Date: Mar 17, 11:47 am
Poster: Scott Little

On Mar 17, 11:47 am, Scott Little wrote:

>What happened to the He-3 neutron counter tube approach which was shown in your previous photo?

Ely, it's sitting on the sidelines until I can get my fusor to run steadily for a while so I cna make some longer counts. According to my measurements and calculations, it is 140 times less sensitive to fast neutrons.

>And while I am at it, what camera are you using for those great, highly detailed and defined photos?

It's an Epson PC700, a bargain nowadays at ~$350-$400 because it's getting a little obsolete. It has 1280 pixel resolution but no zoom. Great for situations where you can position the camera at the optimum distance from the subject. It's "native" resolution is significantly better than what you see on my web site...I'm trying to save you guys some time with smaller .jpgs.