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Subject: Re: Stripping
Date: Mar 19, 09:16 am

On Mar 19, 09:16 am, RICHARD HULL wrote:


Oddly the material I am reading (several tomes on nuclear physics) gives no specific energy level required to strip!!!! They merely state in passing that sometimes two passing deuterons might impact in such a way that a neutron or proton can be shore from one or more of the deuterons. They talk of "as yet not fully understood" exchange processes, and note that the process occurs over a wide range of energies where deuteron collisions occur. Some of my books are dated. I prefer the older texts in many cases as they tend to get more detailed with the doing and mechanics of what is observed and reserve detailed mathematical machinations for specific areas later in the text. Several newer texts I have don't even discuss stripping!! Did it go away with more modern ideas? Or is it curently fashionable to ignore it? Again, gotta spend some time diggin' through this.

If stripping is a non-issue we want to drop it. Stripping was thrown out to me as a mode of operation which might confuse neutron counting from the fusor by a guy actually in th' biz. However, for him 1 Bev is low energy stuff. I am trying to get back to him.

Richard Hull

>>I thought that would wake you guys up!
>I must still be asleep, Richard. How can you pull a neutron away from a deuteron without expending 2.2 Mev of work?