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Subject: Re: A well spent Saturday
Date: Mar 21, 07:53 am
Poster: Scott Little

On Mar 21, 07:53 am, Scott Little wrote:

>Next the power is slowly brought up until I hit 19KV....

Interesting to see the different operating procedures we have separately evolved, Richard. I START by turing up the HV supply's variac until there is 24 kV (zero current) on my highly-evacuated chamber. I never touch the variac after that. I then start closing the vacuum valve down and opening the D2 needle valve until I see the chamber pressure climbing. The discharge lights up vigorously at about 15 millitorr and the HV supply bogs down to ~18 kV. I then play only with the valves to nurse the pressure down until the voltage across the grids is in the 19.5-21 range, where I see neutron counts.