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Subject: Re: Stripping
Date: Mar 22, 5:46 pm
Poster: Scott Little

On Mar 22, 5:46 pm, Scott Little wrote:

I'm ready to drop this stripping hypothesis. I asked George Miley (developed the fusor at UIUC which is now being commercialized by Daimler-Benz) and he replied:

"Scott - congratulations on the neutrons! I am at the APS meeting in Atlanta,
so can't take long on your questions until I return. however, I completely
agree with you. Stripping has a low cross section (ie reaction probably)
compared to D-D at these energiesw, and it would also give an entirely
different neutron energy spectrum. In our case we ck'd neutron energies and
scaling with voltage - both of which agree with D-D fusion. I am confident
your fusor works the same way. If you want to discuss this further when I
return Friday, let me know.