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Subject: Re: Proton Recoil Tracks
Date: Mar 23, 08:32 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Mar 23, 08:32 am, Richard Hull wrote:

Great work Scott!!

This is just more proof of neutrons resulting from fusion reactions in the fusor chamber, as we expected. Those fat short tracks are only produced by nuclear debris (proton mass or heavier.)

This is a fourth form of confirmation of neutrons from our reactor vessels.

1. BC-720/bi-alkali PMT neutron detection systems clickin' away at two different locations around working fusors.

2. Residual radiation present inside a valved off fusor following an active run with D2 gas. (indication of Tritium production and possibly some small neutron activation of the chamber itself.

3. Failure of geiger counters to detect any external IONIZING radiation above background OUTSIDE of the chamber systems while running full tilt. (no X-rays, alphas, betas or protons)

4. Proton recoil tracks visually verified by cloud chamber near a working fusor. (occuring when neutrons enter a dense hydrogenous material such as Plastic)

Armed with this data, I think we can prety much crush the nay-sayers claiming this type of device is not able to do fusion.

Nay-saying is easy, doing is tough.

Richard Hull

I THINK we have succeeded in observing proton recoil tracks in a cloud chamber placed beside our operating fusor. Such recoils are expected due to collisions between the fast neutrons and hydrogen atoms in the chamber walls. A description and photos of the tracks may be found at: