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Subject: New high flux
Date: Mar 24, 5:15 pm
Poster: Scott Little

On Mar 24, 5:15 pm, Scott Little wrote:

The 5320 gross count I got in 10 minutes (with a 136 bkg) works out to 5.2 x 10^4 neutrons/sec when you apply my 1/36 geometry factor and the 0.006 detector efficiency.

Interestingly, I have no obvious "star" in my chamber. There is, however, one prominent diametral spike to the discharge. It's as if all the deuterons are moving along one diameter line.
Optimum pressure is very critical and ranges from 14 to 16 millitorr as measured with our new Barotron capacitance manometer (which cost so much that it is surely right....). Voltage is 20-21 kV and current is around 5 milliamps...right at the rated capacity of my HV supply.