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Subject: Re: New high flux
Date: Mar 25, 09:00 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Mar 25, 09:00 am, Richard Hull wrote:

Good going Scott!!!

As we work with these things, not only can we seem to get more out of the devices by increases in voltage and current, but technique as well.

As my friend Tom Ligon once said regarding the simple fusor. "It is a very forgiving little machine and works over a broad range of parameters."....."The operational envelope and geometry for this thing is just not all that well researched and there is plenty of room for contributions by dedicated amateur scientists and experimenters."

I really have never operated a fusor after fusor model I. which did not have a star mode present all of the time. According to Miley and others, these are preferred reciculation paths for deuterons and are a naturally formed artifice which indicates ion gun like charcteristics.

This is one reason I was not all that impressed with the complex, differentially pumped ion gunned Original Farnsworth design or Jarmusch patent idea. Yes, they got up to 10e11 neuts/ second with it, but that was a corporately funded effort of almost ten years. I am working out of pocket here with one guy and scrounged materials.

If we get some sort of natural recirculation and preferred path activity without the complication of the guns, then why mess with them if we are just after fusion and neutrons? The Hirsch/Meeks modification still has not been fully explored.

The fact that you have no star amazes me, but you seem to be doing fantastic with out it.

Richard Hull