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Subject: Re: Boron
Date: Jan 09, 5:10 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 09, 5:10 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>I've been lurking around the various fusion boards for a looong time now, and I seem to recall that Paul M. Koloc (of Plasmak fame) talked about a radiationless fusion fuel of Hydrogen and Boron, or p + B11 -> C12 or something like that. Could such a fuel be used with the IEC device?...................

Yes, It can! Bussard and a lot of other are serious about this as it offers the clasic "direct conversion possibility of fusion to electricity without heating water, complcated plumbing, steam turbines, etc.

The electricity is produced by collecting the proton current. "direct conversion". The protons are decelerated and collected in a multiple biased grid network. this yield output electricity directly from fusion. Albeit, still in the thinking stages.

With this process, you have a highly modified fusor with a wall outlet on it!

Richard Hull