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Subject: "Rings" for the Inner Grid
Date: Apr 05, 1:21 pm
Poster: Stephen Coley

On Apr 05, 1:21 pm, Stephen Coley wrote:

Inner Grid Rings

I attempted to cut inner grid rings from flat stock, and failed miserably. The search for a suitable ready-made ring produced auto engine piston oil rings (the oil rings, not the compression rings) in various sizes. The ones I am working with just for the practice are 3.8 inches in diameter (found on old pistons) and I have some 2.87-inch on order which are more appropriate for the approximate 3 inch inner grid size (which may be too large?) I want to use. The width across the section is not as much as I might like but the narrowness of the exposed edge should be an improvement over round grid materials. Besides, its so easy to get a round circumference. The composition of the rings is unknown, but appears to be nickel or chrome alloy of some kind, either of which is o.k. Just FYI

Scrounging is such fun.

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