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Subject: Re: Fusor is down now
Date: Apr 07, 4:21 pm
Poster: Richarad Hull

On Apr 07, 4:21 pm, Richarad Hull wrote:


I took no real precautions regarding the oil itself as the PCB's isn't all that bad in and of itself. The key factor is that what little soldering I had to do on the transformer secondary was done with an industrial respirator with special filter on it and total avoidance of the soldering fumes from the heated PCB's. I only made three such soldering connections.

Again PCB's are pretty inert as long as they are not in a fire or allowed become extremely hot which produces highly carcinogenic and toxic dioxaine vapors. These are the terror of PCB's not PCB's per se.

My hands were soaked in the oil on and off through out the day. It washes off pretty well though. Were I to be in a factory environment handling such items daily I would certainly avail myself of gloves designed for such work.

The transformer/power supply is now sealed and free of oil externally. The original oil remains in the transformer. I did not transfer or dump it. Let all sleeping dogs lie.

Again, the key terror here was the hot fumes and vapors off the soldering operations which were covered very well by the special respirator. All soldering opertions were carried on out of doors.

Richard Hull

>What safety precautions did you use when messing with the PCB oil? That stuff's pretty nasty.