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Subject: fusion facts
Date: Apr 12, 09:39 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Apr 12, 09:39 am, Richard Hull wrote:


I just picked up a news story about the Princeton
NSTX National Spherical Torus eXperiment. It is a nice piece of fluff where we are told that fusion is our only chance for future survival. We are also informed that the government has cut us loose from the international giant fusion reactor project and that the NTSX project has only a 27 million dollar budget this year. Whats more, they note that there is only a paultry 227 million of the money earmarked for fusion research in the US this year!

That's gotta' hurt! The days of wine and roses are over for the wide eyed fusioneers. The first cadre of fusioneers who signed on to the federal gravy train in 1951 have already long retired and the second wave is struggling to retire hopefully before all funding drys up.... or as they are famous for saying as to when they will hit break even...."real soon now".

It is noted in the article that it was really hoped to have fusion power online by 2030. Furthermore, the article proceeds to note that this is now being pushed back by the fusioneers in the "know" due to government cut-backs in fusion funding.

It seems it is no longer "real soon now", now that they are forced to operate on a quarter billion a year.

I hold no allusions that the fusor will ever make real power or that I have the answers. Likewise, some might say, "Well give them a shot"..."Don't be so hard on them" Well, They have had a shot since 1951...With countless billions and almost half a century they are empty handed. I am not being hard on them, the government is....

Hot fusion is about as immediately promising as cold fusion. The difference is the government is not recognizing one and weaning the other off the federal sugar tit.

Richard Hull