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Subject: Looking back
Date: Apr 20, 2:57 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Apr 20, 2:57 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


I have printed out the most relevant posts over the span of this entire effort on the Fusion Message board and there is a lot of data to be had. I have bound my favorites up in a GBC spiral volume which is over an inch thick!

Others, especially newcomers, should look back too as there is a wealth of info to be found.

My favorite post is Scott Stephan's post of January 18th 1998. We are given a quick but thorough rinse in fusion physics, its possibilities, and its difficulties, The inclusion of the known good reactions is a real reference piece. I have it pasted in my lab notebooks and on the wall in my lab.

We are concerned mainly with reactions #3 and #1 if we want neutrons. While reactions #1, 2, and 3 are the real bulk of our fusion in a simple low power fusor. Reactions 1-7 are of interest in longer running, higher power fusor efforts using D-D fusion.

Early efforts by the experimenter who is trying to go nuclear following a gestation period of demo fusors, should concentrate on the production and detection of neutrons as this is the signature of successful fusion and is the right of passage into the nuclear fusion or neutron club.

In looking back, I note a lot of tips from my own efforts and early reports from others with demo fusors. Scott Little has joined me in the neutron club. Others can't be far behind.

Thanks again to the perfesser for his kind efforts in supplying this forum and trying to set the Farnsworth record right.

Richard Hull