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Subject: Re: Going Spherical
Date: Apr 20, 5:19 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Apr 20, 5:19 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

>I have about 3 fusor projects going in parallel now and have had some 6" diameter custom 316 stainless hemispheres spun up by Maryland Metal Spinning.

These spheres will be inside a larger surrounding vacuum chamber, right?
>I am machining my own view port from a 2.75 conflat tapped blank flange, and it will have a 1.25 inch clear aperture for limited viewing. (3/8" thick borosilicate glass) I intend to use a single board B&W video camera for remote observation of the poissor. I am a little concerned about the neutrons and the CCD element. At lower fusion levels, this might not be a hassle.

Why not put a mirror to bend the optical path and keep the ccd out of "line of sight" with the port (at least the gammas and xrays won't hit it then). I assume the plasma is pretty bright, so a long focus lens could also be used to get some distance. A cheap telescope would work. Many of the inexpensive CCD cameras have a scan reverse, if L-R reversal is an issue.